Blue Lotus Films is a unique video production company that creates engaging promotional videos for heart-centered businesses and entrepreneurs. We also produce concert and music videos for inspiring artists. Our videos are uplifting and help audiences see the world anew. We serve our clients by creating distinctly creative videos that help them reach their target audience online.

By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco).

Video is a powerful medium that businesses around the globe are using to build credibility and trust. Essentially, if you aren’t using video in your marketing strategy in 2018, you are already behind your competition. Our services are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington DC Metro area.




Some of our clients include:


Task Rabbit

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center

American Society of Landscape Architects

Harmony Festival

Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival


Some of the famous people we’ve filmed:

Nobel Prize Laureate Charles Townes (inventor of maser)


The Flaming Lips

MC Yogi

Sarah Brokaw (daughter of Tom Brokaw)

Lisa Nichols (as seen in”The Secret”)

Philip Rosedale (inventor of Second Life and High Fidelity)


Music Videos. Documentaries. Promotional Videos.

Need a powerful promotional video for your business?

Check out an example video below.

Planning to produce something right away? Or do you need to budget for it down the road?

By understanding your vision and obtaining a little bit of info, we can get you a quote right away.


“Sarah Fisher and the Smartshoot team were easy to work with and produced an excellent video for my business”

-Antonio L., Unwind Wellness Center (Washington D.C.)

“Sarah was awesome and came in and get organized for the shoot. It was our first time attempting something like this, so her guidance helped a lot. Quite satisfied.”

Irvine M., Refu Hub (Waldorf, MD)

“Invested a lot of time and skill in directing and editing footage that is professional, imaginative and consistent…I’ve seen the reality about how hard she works on the planning, shooting and editing of quality material, and I understand that it’s rare to find someone so dedicated.”

-Scratch Paper, Independent rock musician

“Very personable and comfortable to work with…took my many editing suggestions without any complaint.”

-Rachel Johnson, Owner, In Tune Reiki

“Sarah is not only professional in the way she goes about business, she is delightful to work with…Sarah delivered a standout product and posted it to Youtube the day it was complete. As a result I got many compliments, but the thanks goes to sarah! I’ll work with her again!”

-Megan Z, Entrepreneur

“Sarah is fantastic! While spending the afternoon with us she was very professional pointing out the best lighting, sound and location choices. Sarah has a positive, pleasant attitude and is simply wonderful to work with. I will definitely choose her again in the future.”

-Wayne K., Entrepreneur


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East Bay


Walnut Creek

Washington DC Metro Area Video Production company

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