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A few months back, I started a podcast called “Spirit Business” to help heart-centered entrepreneurs learn business and life skills. Making this podcast has been a lot of work to get off the ground, but it’s been very fulfilling. I’ve met so many passionate conscious business owners who are really making an impact. There are already 17 episodes we’ve recorded.

It’s one of my greatest passions to help conscious business owners succeed because when they do – they can change the trajectory of someone’s life and greatly impact their communities.

Below are some recent videos from the podcast. Leave a comment on the videos – I’d love to hear from you.

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The goal is to release the podcast 1x per week on Thursdays (although during this past Summer I got off track). I will interview conscious business owners who have valuable advice to share on mindfulness, wealth building, marketing, and much more. Occasionally I will record solo podcasts where I share advice specific to video marketing.

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I hope you find these interviews helpful and are immediately able to implement this advice into your business!

Love and light,

Sarah Fisher


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Supercharge Your Business Growth | Twitter Rockstar + Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coach AJ Amyx

We delve into the 4 areas to conquer to build a successful business (Mindset, Marketing, Mechanics, Money). He also talks about importance of taking ownership of your life, video marketing tips, and why faith is the foundation of any sustainable business.

Take Back Your Power | Wellness + Lifestyle Coach Alida McDaniel

On this episode, Holistic Wellness + Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coach, Alida McDaniel, shares her personal wisdom on how to break free of the addictive patterns that keep so many people in a cycle of self-sabotage. She intimately reveals her own battle with obesity and depression then provides advice on how to take back your power.

Emotional Intelligence in Business | Leadership Coach Joie Seldon

On this interview, I speak with Leadership Coach Joie Seldon about her upcoming book, “Emotions: An Owner’s Manual”. We discuss the profound value all emotions hold – even those we label “negative”. We talk about the importance of business owners understanding how to navigate their own emotional terrain so they can effectively deal with conflict in their companies.

How to Avoid Burnout | Psychotherapist Anna Lindberg Coach

On this episode, I speak with psychotherapist, Anna Lindberg Cedar, about avoiding burnout through developing strong self-care habits. Anna details her personal experience that led her on the path to help others implement healthy burnout prevention strategies.

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The Science of Emotions, Empathy and Compassion

I recently had the pleasure of filming the Summer Institute for Educators at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.  The Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.

This four-day video shoot was a fascinating experience that included lectures by some of the most well-respected scientific professionals in the world. They all spoke on topics related to social-emotional education. Social-emotional education focuses on fostering the well-being of students, teachers, and school leaders to cultivate a positive school climate.

Imagine how much our world would change if social-emotional education was a part of every school curriculum!


Chillin' in the sun during a filming break

Chillin’ in the sun during a filming break

The audience was made up of 150 educators from 23 countries. While 150 attendees is small compared to the number of teachers who were not in attendance, it was still very encouraging to see educators who are serious about implementing social-emotional learning into their k-12 curriculums. Millions of Americans suffer from depression and anxiety- so the implementation of mindfulness meditation alone could be a game changer in US education.

Have you ever wondered what neuroscientists discover when looking at human behavior such as compassion + empathy? How does one compute happiness? Are you curious what makes up a meaningful life from scientific perspective? While most of the speakers at SIE (summer institute for educators) were scientists, they were addressing educators that teach a variety of subjects so thankfully it was not all geek-speak 🙂

The first talk was by Dacher Keltner titled, “Science of a Meaningful Life”. Dacher Keltner was a primary scientific advisor on emotions for Pixar’s newest family film, “Inside Out”. Dacher spent four years advising Pete Docter – the Director of  “Inside Out”. You can read more about Keltner’s “Inside Out” experience in this NY Times article called “The Science of Inside Out “. This 2 minute short film narrated by Dacher “Survival of the Kindest” posted below is very fun to watch too.

During his lecture, Dacher said studies have shown that a meaningful life includes generosity, cooperation, experiencing awe, and kindness.  It’s interesting that these studies aren’t showing we are only interested in violence + conflict like the media would like us to believe. It seems essential that we learn how exemplify the qualities Dacher discussed so that we can instill them in kids. Wouldn’t it be amazing if kids were taught in school how to lead a meaningful life? If only they knew how to cultivate the skills they need to be successful adults and successfully deal with conflicts.

Rony Berger talked about dealing with trauma in education. Berger is a world-renowned trauma expert who goes all around the world to places in crisis to help trauma victims recover. He was on his way to Nepal just after leaving Berkeley. His talk was fascinating – the main takeaway was that humans are very capable of recovering from trauma but it will take time. He explained that somatic therapies and expressive therapies are the most effective in helping trauma victims. He explained that when healing trauma, the victim has to feel safe again and often this can only happen through getting to the root of the wound at a subconscious level.

A Class Divided

Rudy Mendoza-Denton gave a riveting talk called “Minority Status, Education, and the Greater Good”. Quite honestly I thought this talk would be boring, offer little inspiration, and be the most “academic” of all the lectures. But, I was completely wrong. Denton gave such great information on how to deal racial prejudice in schools. He explained that prejudice and bigotry are consciously embraced by many otherwise functional, healthy citizens, and racial associations persist in the unconscious minds of many explicitly anti-racist people. People are rarely either racist or not-racist. Almost all of us fall along a spectrum. I learned about the term ‘microaggression’- which is an aggressive act that is made by someone unintentionally and the person on the receiving end reacts offensively. This talk made me very aware of how racist acts can be subtle and it is up to all of us adults to examine our behavior.

He showed the audience a VERY powerful video from PBS Frontline called “A Class Divided”. I urge everyone to watch the entire  “A Class Divided” PBS episode (four parts on Youtube) because once you see this experiment in racial discrimination given to a class of 3rd graders in Iowa- you will never forget it. I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts below after viewing. Watch Part 1 below.

He also showed us a wonderful short film with a group of African-American teenagers authentically sharing their experience about being discriminated against and discussing how they can live peacefully in a racist world. Watch the film below.

Teach, Breathe, Learn

Meena Srinivasan gave a wonderful lecture called “Mindfulness in Education”. She passionately spoke about the importance of teaching kids to be mindful adults. Meena said, “I wish I had these skills as a youngster…imagine how empowering that would be!” Meena is the Program Manager for the first ever SEL (social-emotional learning) curriculum that is being implemented at Oakland Unified School District. Learn more about Meena’s work at Teachbreathelearn.com

Compassionate Self-Care

Brooke Lavelle Heineberg spoke about Compassionate Self-Care. She works for the Mind & Life Institute. I thought it was great this topic was included- because teachers are very vulnerable to burnout if they don’t practice self-care. She emphasized that compassionate self-care is not a 6 week course. She said it has to be practiced continuously and is the bedrock of mindful education.

I hope you found these highlights useful. The videos will be posted on the Greater Good Science Center’s website for educators who attended this year. Please check out the Greater Good Science Center’s website for more info and share it with any teachers, students, or community leaders you know who might want to attend next year!

Please leave a comment below- I’d love to hear from you!


Sarah Fisher

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Are Science and Religion Compatible?

Have you ever been in the presence of a genius? I never imagined I’d be interviewing a Nobel Laureate – someone who has advised the government on moon landings and consulted with presidents- but, that’s exactly the opportunity that came my way a couple years back.

The man I interviewed, Charles Hard Townes, was a visionary physicist who invented the maser (an instrument that harnessed microwave-emitting radiation). His research led to the development of the laser, making it possible to play CDs, scan prices at the supermarket, measure time precisely, survey planets and galaxies, and even witness the birth of stars.

The technological revolution spawned by lasers, laying foundations for much of the gadgetry and scientific knowledge the world now takes for granted, was given enormous momentum by Mr. Townes’ and his colleagues’ discoveries.

He saw scientific revelations and religious ones as “not very far apart”. He believed the order of the universe and the meaning of the universe were equally important worthy topics to explore.

Back in 2012, I had the honor of meeting Charles Townes. I was hired to conduct a video interview with him about his research on Science & Religion for a non-profit called VR Foundation in Austria. The VR Foundation invited him to be present at the conference but he couldn’t make it due to his busy schedule. Although he was 97 at the time of this interview, he was still on staff at the University of California- Berkeley Physics Department.

This past Tuesday, January 27, 2015, Charles Townes passed away at the age of 99. He remained on staff at UC Berkeley until last summer when he retired.

Watch the edited interview below.

What I admired most about this interview was his humbleness and patience. He was whip smart, yet he had exuberant energy and showed up to work diligently every day to “explore, explore, explore”.

I remember speaking to his assistant who had worked with him for at least a decade. She said he had an entire room at University of California- Berkeley that stored his research findings. She couldn’t keep up with the ongoing need to keep cleaning out the space by shipping his research papers to the Library of Congress. Despite his old age, she said he loved to travel and had just returned from Europe. He wanted to the attend the VR Foundation’s conference in Austria but had other travel obligations for the remainder of the year.

His scientific discoveries will be celebrated for a long time. Every time I play a CD or buy something at the supermarket I will bow my head in reverence for this great man.

His message about science and religion will continue to resonate widely with diverse groups of people.

May we all be so dedicated to discovery and exploration!

Share your thoughts below on science and religion. What can we learn about the intersection of science and religion?

Warm regards,

Sarah Fisher
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