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VIDEO VITAMIN: Les Brown on Determination and Faith!

Dear friends,

Today’s VIDEO VITAMIN is all about a straight-up dose of 1000% motivation to get you through any hard time! Seriously, follow this advice and your challenges will vanish.

This video can be put on repeat: let the words soak in so you can absorb their power. Les Brown is a world-renowned motivational speaker who overcame extreme personal hardship and established a hugely successful career.

I’ve been through some rough patches in my personal life (not too long ago!) and being able to tune in to these wise words was immensely helpful!

This is the POWER of video! How fortunate we are that all we need to do is click on the play button and we can connect with such sage advice.

Here are some highlights:

:35- “Don’t judge your circumstances and the possibilities for your future based on what you have now and because of what is going on now. No, no..that is not the real reality now. If you are going through some hard times it has not come to stay. It has come to pass!”

1:47- “You must have patience and engage in consistent action. Everything does not always happen when we want it to happen. It doesn’t happen quickly”

3:35- “We live in a world, ladies and gentlemen, where people want instant gratification…It’s simple, but it’s not easy. It’s a system that works if you work it. It’s hard. You are the determining factor. Here’s something else: it’s possible you can live your dreams”

10:11- “Not only must you have patience and engage in consistent action, you must turn to a power greater than yourself and say…’whatever I face today, you and I can handle it and I know some way and somehow you will make a way for me” 


*This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) video. Notice how this video wasn’t created by Les Brown. An entrepreneur put photo images to Les’ speech with very simple editing and he has generated almost half a million views!

*Don’t overcomplicate your efforts by trying to create your own speech. Why not “ride on the shoulders of giants” and help spread their message? Find a short snippet that inspires you then find corresponding images. You definitely need to credit them in the description field and add their website.

Share your thoughts about this week’s VIDEO VITAMIN! Also, feel free to post your video production questions- I’d love to help you get over any technical hurdles!

Love and light,

Sarah Fisher
Executive Producer/ Blue Lotus Films

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3 Quick Tips for Better Social Media Efforts

Are you looking to improve your social media efforts? I have three quick tips to share with you! I recorded a short video for you to learn these awesome strategies. I learned these tips from the “Queen of Social Media”, Mari Smith, at the World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar in Los Angeles. She has over 1 million followers combined across all social media networks. She is amazing!

Watch the video below.

I spoke with Mari after her speech and shared how impressed I was with her presentation. I also thanked her for sharing videos during her presentation. I was delighted to see the “Queen of Social Media” sharing videos to really hone in her message and create emotional connection. I was blown away by this video created by Equalman Productions on the power of Social Media. I LOVE sharing great video content that helps you create a bigger impact, so go check it out!

I was also delighted when Mari said to me point-blank, “There are a ton of sophisticated technologies out there for communicating with audiences. People want to see real human emotions. Nothing out there beats real live video”.

Advice taken! You’ll be invited to some Google Hangouts with myself and other heart-based entrepreneurs soon. Go ahead and ‘like’ our Facebook page because we’ll be hosting the Google Hangouts there!

Please comment below with suggestions for other types of advice you’d like to see from me on video.

Much love,


p.s. If you are interested in changing your money mindset and creating financial freedom, I highly suggest checking out the work of Peak Potentials- a company dedicated to bringing leadership skills to people worldwide. Go here for more info.

p.p.s. If a great video can explain the power of social media, imagine what video can do for your business! Hmmm 🙂

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