What is an Urban Yogi?

Have you had a chance to see Deepak Chopra’s “Urban Yogis” video series yet? Did you know renowned techno DJ, Moby, discovered yoga nearly 25 years ago? He talks about his winding journey (and sometimes difficult) yoga practice on the latest episode of “Urban Yogis”.

Occasionally, I like to blast out great videos for you to view that offer life-enhancing advice + spiritual lessons. In this *very* revealing video, Moby also talks about:

  • The health benefits of his own yoga practice
  • Why yoga class competition literally hurt him
  • What being on tour is like now that he has a regular yoga practice








A couple years ago, I was lucky enough to meet and interview Moby personally at Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival in Lake Tahoe, CA. You can view a couple of the videos I shot:

>>>>>This video is of him performing on the Main Stage

>>>>>This video is of him speaking about his Vegan lifestyle

He was truly a humble guy. I was astonished that 1). He is so short in person! 2). He is actually very geeky. On stage he is like a God, but in person he’s pretty quiet and very down-to-earth.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on these videos! What are some of the challenges of being an ‘urban yogi’? I’d LOVE to hear from you.

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